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This is my first game and I still laerning. It was great experince and i love creating small but engaging game with pretty simple mechanics. What to expect from SURVIVORS LEFT: X: crabo, puzzle levels, pacing levels, boss fights, humor attempts, achievements. I greatly appreciate feedback and will do my best to ensure support for my games. Write me anythere if something wrong with the game or with store page. Or just say hello (:Glad you found time to read this.I really hope you enjoy playing my game.Egor from Wine With Discount Games.SURVIVORS LEFT: X: keyboard-level platformer where you have to guide survivors(at least what left from them) to exit.level is literally keyboard provide path or destroy obstacles by pressing right keys.Survivers always moving so make sure to keep them aliveResolve puzzle (still keyboard-based) levelsKill your time - dont kill survivors.Easy to learnMake you "feel" like a person pressing buttons on a keyboard.Perfect for few chill sessionsChallenging.Some kind of humor.Pixel artGood luck & Have fun.
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