Crossout - Drive Pack

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This pack includes:Unique armored vehicle “Bully”Weapons: machine gun “M-37 Piercer” — 3 pcs.Unique cabin “Favorite”Unique character portrait “Hammer Tim”Unique decor: “Braid” and “Topper”Unique structural parts for “Bully”A set of exclusive stickers — 8 pcs.A unique paint can ”Eggplant”Increases the maximum number of parts used to 551250 in-game coinsAfter purchase and return to garage the game will offer you to automatically create new vehicle. You can also do this later - open blueprints menu, pick the vehicle and press "Load". Purchasing a pack gives the player early access to some structural faction parts. These parts will become available immediately upon purchase and are not re-issued once the corresponding reputation level is reached. For some parts you can only have one set of them on the account. When purchasing multiple packs with same parts they do not stack! Coins - is an in-game currency, which is used to buy vehicle parts from other users in the market and to pay the rent for the workbench to produce new parts. Note! If you purchase several packs, coins included in them stack!
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