MY WOLF - Desktop Wild Pet

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Agrou - Wolf Pet
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Wishlist - Our upcoming game Desktop Game the Game"MY WOLF" is an interactive project in which you'll take care of a tiny wolf who will need some of your help to deal with the big world. Teach him to hunt, show him what is good and what is bad and thanks to this our little wolf will grow every day.Main features:Advanced Wolf AI - Our Wolf is controlled by advanced AI. You can teach your wolf to survive alone in the world. A slightly larger wolf will be fully self-sufficient. Your wolf will grow up - You start with a tiny wolf that will grow over time. Make sure he eats, drinks and sleeps well. With age, new opportunities will be unlocked.Desktop wallpaper project - My Wolf is displayed as an interactive wallpaper under icons and windows.Optimization - We have probably used all the available ways to limit the use of resources (CPU/GPU) as the game is displayed as wallpaper. For example, objects show up only within the camera view and disappear outside of it. Thanks to the use of many techniques, we made the game use very little resources for such nice graphics. Additional graphic settings will allow you to adjust the game to your needs. All Seasons - The Wolf will experience four seasons that will change over time. Your wallpaper will always look different. Multi-screen support - My Wolf can be displayed on one selected screen. Thanks to this you can work on one screen and look after your wolf on the other screen. By default, wallpaper is expanded to all available screens. It is then recommended to have screens of the same size and resolution. Important: The wallpaper always works in the largest screen resolution available for monitors.Automatic pause - When you want to play a normal game, the My Wolf will automatically (will recognize another game) will pause to give you 100% power of your PC. When you finish playing, your wolf will return to the screen.Automatic start with Windows 10 - Your wolf may appear on the wallpaper right after booting the system. This way you can keep an eye on your pet. MY WOLF - Desktop Wild Pet is a project that was created thanks to community support. Thank you very much. Every help is very important for us. Thank you!Please keep in mind that is Early Access stage and not everything is ready. See My Wolf road map in the news.If you notice any problems, please check our "Community HUB" or contact me directly on chat. I will text you back.Thanks for your support!3DM Team
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