Meridian 157: Chapter 1

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Meridian 157: Chapter 2
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Inspired by classic point and click games, Meridian 157: Chapter 1 is the next installment in this new and exciting adventure series. Play as David Zander, a forensic meteorologist who took it upon himself to investigate a strange weather anomaly off the coast of Alaskan. Find clues, solve puzzles and investigate the mystery to progress further into the island and uncover the truth behind the secret of the 157th meridian... Whatever that may be... We recommend that you play the free prologue if you haven't done so already Features: • Custom soundtrack and sound effects designed for a creepy in-game atmosphere • Latest episode continuing a spooky and thrilling storyline • Hard and clever puzzles • A logical hint system for some of the most difficult riddles • Available in 8 languages, including English, French, Russian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese and Italian! • New colour blind mode available for people who might have trouble with colour based puzzles
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