Time Virus

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Back Ground Story The project 'Time Virus' was found to be launched after year 2085. Its aim is to rebuild the ecosystem destroyed by the nuclear war using time machine. You are the member of project 'Time Virus' in the game, and you will finish the mission given by the project. During your mission, you will get to know more about the project, and discover the secrets! Easy and interesting control Let your fingers dance with music! You just need to click the mouse with the music rhythm. You will feel very cheerful when you catch the rhythm of the music. And there are many checkpoints in the game so that it is friendly to people who are not familiar with music games. This is an open-music game You can import any music(.mp3 file) as background music to change the rhythm any time in the game. It will inflence the difficulty and atmosphere. Gorgeous special effects Large particle effect have been used in the game, you will have a wonderful visual enjoyment
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