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You, a lieutenant who was sent to the mountains on a mission to return a case and all that which is hidden within it, are stranded in the middle of a chaotic and cold environment and left to seek the truth about yourself and the madness that was spread upon this land. Find out what has happened to Blackwood village and what kind of secret experiments were being done in the old factory. And maybe You shall be able to shine some light on the oblivion of the Dark Abyss. Explore four Chapters of the game, each with it's own atmosphere. Find the secret chapter (BloodFields) to seek the truthful meaning of the Madland. Look for weapons and search for ammunition to fightback enemies. Read Notes to dive deeper into the story of Jack, Tommy, and other characters. Immerse yourself in the soundtrack with elements of techno, drum-bass, industrial, but at the same time orchestral, composed by the game's creator. Have a stealth gameplay or go all out war. Search for secret notes and other Easter eggs from the game's creator. Play through the campaign or have fun in the Open World.
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