Way of Rhea

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Way of Rhea is a picturesque puzzle platformer—without the platforming. Solve mind bending color puzzles, unlock new areas of a vibrant hub world, and convince your hometown that problems have solutions!The PuzzlesWay of Rhea starts out with a small set of rules, and quickly builds from there. As the game progresses you're challenged to take advantage of the interaction between each new feature you're taught with those you've already mastered.Each puzzle in Way of Rhea is hand crafted to teach a unique lesson—there's no filler. Some puzzles are easy, some are hard, but each will leave you with that "aha!" feeling you get from a good puzzle.Undo / RedoWhile the game's puzzles can be challenging, the game itself is forgiving—a flexible undo/redo system lets you quickly explore possible solutions, and correct any mistakes you made along the way. Solving the puzzles is difficult, executing on the solutions is easy. You won't find difficult platforming challenges in this game.BiomesWay of Rhea takes place in a number of different biomes, each with its own unique twist. Each biome contains multiple levels, with each level teaching you a new skill that has the potential to unlock more areas of the hub world.Here are some notable biomes from the game: Forest — The game starts you off in the forest biome. This biome consists of four separate levels which serve as you introduction both to the basic puzzle mechanics, and to the world itself. You'll learn how to change colors, how to operate teleporters, how the various fields work, how the physics of the game work, and you'll eventually graduate to some more advanced puzzles. Circuit World — The circuit biome introduces a new mechanic—circuits, powered by the colored orbs. Place an orb on the circuit, and any connected elements matching that orb's color will activate—but what if there are elements of multiple colors? The circuit levels start you off with the basics, working there way up to advanced circuit puzzles. Once beaten, other areas of the game that use circuits will be unlocked. Ice World — The ice world is home to a large number of friendly, but shy crab-like creatures. These little animals love to walk back and forth and push buttons, but, they don't understand the ramifications of their actions—it's up to you to learn their behavior, and work with them to solve puzzles using mechanics from other biomes that would be unsolvable alone. And more...The latest...Way of Rhea is scheduled for release in 2021. If you want to stay up to date on the latest developments, or are interested in hearing about opportunities to beta test, you can join our Discord!
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