Voxel Crusade

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You like RTS and you always wanted to walk through the castle you just built? Congratulations! I got exactly what you want! -Design, skill and play your own character like in a rpg (Mage, Archer, ...) -Build a castle and economy -Create an army or fight alone -Fight against bosses and many different enemies -Play the campaign or custom games where you decide the difficulty -Create your own levels and share them at the Steam workshop -Play with or against AIs that build their own castle (W.I.P) -Play with your friends And much more! Voxel Crusade combines RTS with RPG, it is a base building game plus you as the ruler play your own character. You can gather resources, build and fight. Every map has different challenges like different biomes, natural disasters, different enemies, different spacings, ... You can watch every unit in the game walk around, do their job and fight from a third- or first person view. Sorry guys, but the developement of the game has been stopped. It is fully playable but there most likely wont be any more updates.
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