Quantum Retribution

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You woke up in a small, strange room. It is very dark here and only monitors on the wall produce faint light. Fear and misunderstanding eventually break out. WHAT is this place? WHO brought you here? What is their INTENTION? ...You don't even remember your name! Many questions but few answers.But soon they'll make you remember. Remember every waking moment and every mistake you made. In comparison to their "confessional" methods, death would be mercy. After countless tortures, trials, mysteries, and interrogations, shards of memories provide a clear image. It turned out that you were involved in a big experiment that ended in a terrible disaster!It seems that you really deserve all these trials... But was that really entirely your fault or just a coincidence? You need to get to the truth by all means! For this purpose, you are to face the ghosts of your past and be true to yourself. Only in this way you'll be able to persuade your jury that you're right.Gameplay Features:First-person horror;Solving mysteries and riddles;Investigation of the character's past life;Making decisions that impact the endgame.Here is advice to you:THINK. Little secret, you have a brilliant mind;SOLVE PUZZLES. You've been doing it all your life;REMEMBER. You can find all the answers in your past;DON'T GIVE IN TO THE FEAR. Fear only prevents us from making best decisions;BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Don't compound the situation.Use your sharp mind to leave this place and get a chance to have a new start or become just a memory. It's totally up to you to decide!
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