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We are glad to present you a platformer in the classic metroidvania-like style. Jill was a common clerk in an orbital cargo corporation. Her father, lieutenant of the Pioneer Corps, an organization dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in deep space, disappeared without a trace in the Serendip-16 system. Jill understands that the expedition sent to find her father still hasn’t investigated anything and suspects that the authorities are deliberately not seeking to put effort into the search operation. So Jill decides to search for the father herself. Actually, she is glad to do away with the gray routine. The employer lets Jill go and even gives her a small spaceship, a spacesuit and some supplies. Jill recalls her combat and pilot skills gained in EYE 7 Online, her beloved VRMMORPG, and sets off.Arriving at the Serendip-16 system, Jill proceeds to search. Traces of her father are lost here, so she decides to check each of several small, stony planets, revolving around a local red dwarf. Very quickly, the girl discovers that she is not the first here, and not only stalkers from Earth can be found in this place...Features:Unusual topographyIn this platformer game you'll have to go through the underground cave.All that is mine, I carry with meYou’ve prepared well before the expedition, taking a pistol (a civil model, but still better than nothing) and also:Grenades which can destroy rocks;Jetpack which helps you overcome obstacles
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