System Crash - Underworld

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Underworld introduces an exciting new story campaign and a powerful new card set focused on turning your Archive (discard pile) into a potent resource. From Agents and Support cards that gain strength the more you discard, to Events that let you bring cards from your Archive back into play, Underworld adds a range of exciting new options to deck building.The Underworld set is powered by a unique risk-reward dynamic. Underworld cards can generate huge burst damage, but you'll need to burn your own deck to fuel your combos. Played well, you can sweep your opposition off the board. Played poorly, you burn down your own deck and leave yourself weakened and exposed.Features:- An exciting new story campaign.- 30 New missions.- 20 New cards to collect.- New card mechanics that allow you to burn your own deck for power.Note - The DLC campaign, when installed, will be found under the "Choose Module" main menu option.
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