Pictures of Life

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Do you know which building is the tallest in the world? What is the most expensive car in the world? Which animal moves faster than all the others? Do you know the sequence in which the most popular game consoles have been released? In the Pictures of Life you will be able to test your knowledge and logic! Take colorful pictures from the magic сabinet and hang them on the wall. Guess the sequence they should be placed in, based on what is drawn on them. It won't be difficult. At first. After hanging the pictures click on the button on the table to check your guess. You will have to pass many levels with different logic of combinations.From time to time you will see levels with a special set of pictures. At first glance they will have nothing in common. But if you look closely you can see a thread that connects them together. A story will magically unfold before your eyes. The most attentive players will be able to find answers to many curious questions, such as: Who is the main character? How did he get in this mysterious room? What is the room really like? And the main question of the game - will he be able to get out of the room and reunite with those who are so important to his heart? To do this, he will need the player's help. Your help!50 levels within more than 20 categories from animals and geography to space and videogamesA touching story about a teenager, who got himself into a difficult situation, unveils through a series of picturesUse knowledge of each player to beat the levels faster sitting with your family in front of a TV or PC monitorThree hundreds of colorful and fun pictures drawn by the young talented paintressAmazing and charming neo-classical music by Kai Engel and Scott Buckley
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