The Silver Crusade: Aoorha Axeman

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The GameAbout the GameWelcome! This is a platformer! You control a Human who left his tribe in search of glory in a dangerous world! Will you find what you are looking for? . . . or die trying ? . . . Features- You can Jump over Enemies- you can attack enemies- hopefully original art- created mostly by one person - you can cut wood- you can climb? This is a simple platformer played from the perspective of a Axeman from the Aoorha tribe, his main role was to cut wood for the tribe and fight in the times of need untill he decided to go out alone and find a special kind of perfect wood that nobody has ever seen. The gameplay takes place on Nirgal. The game itself is a 2d self drawn side-view hard game, where you have to complete levels in hope of finding the one tree you are looking for.This purchase contains the first " The Silver Crusade "( SilC ) game.
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