Time Travelling Blues

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Time Travelling Blues is a 3D low-poly indie adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character. Featuring 5 different scenarios, ironic remarks, plot twists, witty conversations, and philosophical implications.In a not so distant future, Ortho comes back home from yet another day at the office, just to realize something doesn’t seem quite right. The obscure figure he’s about to meet confirms it’s no ordinary Friday night.He’ll unwillingly find himself on a quest to save the future of his future Earth, travelling back and forth in time to gather together the four heroes whose actions—as an old prophecy says—shall save the world.Exploring dark dungeons in the medieval time, lost pirate islands, dusty towns in the West, and cherry tree gardens of the samurai land, Ortho will accomplish his duty and find out whether there’s still hope for his world.DEVELOPMENT STAGEThis is an indie game in the making, which means it's the very first thing we think of in the morning. Unfortunately, job and family are in the way, and the three of us can only put game's development before unnecessary things, such as eating, sleeping and having a social life. It's a great effort, and we might be on the verge of insanity, but it's still better than our day jobs.At the beginning, the game was supposed to be a classic point-and-click adventure with a similar game-play as the life-changing titles that influenced our youth (yeah, LucasArts, I'm looking at you). As we progress, though, the game is taking a slightly more modern twist, with no action panel nor pie menus to interact with the environment.In case nothing changes, the game won't have voiceovers because we don't have the money to pay anyone to do anything. None of us being a native English speaker, we can't dub characters ourselves (but trust me, you wouldn't want anyway). Good news is the game will have a cool, electronic, classical soundtrack.Almost everything you see has been beautifully designed and modelled by Synty Studios, so we can't take the credit for that. As you are reading, the main plot—true beating heart of every adventure game—has been written, as well as the course of events unfolding in each timeline. We are currently working on dialogues and animations. Still in early stage, we'll soon set up pages where you can follow our progress to see how the game is evolving, leave some feedback, send love, booze and loot.ABOUT TUNNEL VISION STUDIOWe are a small creative studio, ready to take on the world wielding RAM sticks, dressed in GPU-coated armor, with a VR headset as a helm. We charge towards the future guided by technology, but we also carry on our shoulders a bundle of memorabilia from the '90s, trophies of a childhood we barely escaped. We are a handful of valiant geeks based in Rome, willing not to surrender to the allure of countries with fiber optic broadband and unhealthy food. We make a living out of what we like to do: everything involving virtual reality, video games, electronic music, cutting-edge technology, and coding.
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