Grimtale Island

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Grimtale Island is an open world survival game set in a beautiful low poly art style.Explore and master survival on a island that has been taken over by a strange infection causing the dead to return to the world of the living.Craft gather and build to stay alive in this world.OPEN WORLDExplore a beautiful Dynamic open world set on multiple Islands.VEHICLESExplore the world using the 3 vehicles provided. (helicopter, Humvee and Lav puma)DAY AND NIGHT CYCLEA full 20 min day and 20 min night cycle.DYNAMIC WEATHER PATTERNSFully Dynamic weather and season patterns. (Snow,Rain,Thunder) (Winter,Summer,Fall) Watch the world change in front of your eyes!.WORLD TEMPERATURECraft a fire to stay warm in the cold temperatures.HUNTINGHunt animals to harvest meat to survive.CRAFTINGCraft tools, weapons and Resources to survive, gather and fight of the dead.FARMINGGrow crops to become a master of survival.LOOTINGEnter abandoned buildings and scavange through the old world to find items of use.BASE BUILDINGBuild a place to come home to after a long day of looting and slaying the dead.TRADE AND SELLFind Trader Bots around the island. Sell your unwanted loot and buy new loot.
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