The Watchers

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The Watchers is a haunting co-op stealth game in which 2 players take control of a brother and sister trying to uncover the truth behind their mother’s disappearance. Explore the sinister compound of a local cult and work together to evade brutal enemies. But be careful. You’re being watched.KEY FEATURES2 player online co-op gameplay: Take control of fully-voiced characters, Luisa and Frederico, in this unique online co-op gaming experience. Bring a friend, or find someone to play with using the server browser.Challenging stealthy puzzles:To solve the mystery of Anna Puerta's disappearance, you'll need strong teamwork and navigation skills to gather objects and successfully evade enemies.Dark atmosphere:Be prepared for a quietly chilling setting, but note that there are no jump scares.Unique environment:Explore The Watchers' cult headquarters to reveal disturbing truths.Original soundtrack:Haunting original score from established British composer, Peter Fender.STORYThere’s a half-forgotten structure hidden in the hills of the Coyote Valley and twins Luisa and Frederico Puerta aren’t leaving until they find out what happened there 15 years ago. After their estranged mother Anna succeeded there as leader of The Watchers of Azazel, everything changed. The flames were seen by a local farmer, the screams heard by a passing hiker, the blood seen by noone. What happened to the cult’s members? Where is Anna Puerta?
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