Farrealm: The Prince of Winds

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Farrealm: The Prince of Winds is an Open-World, 3rd-Person, Action-Adventure game featuring exploration, combat, puzzle-solving and platforming. Explore Farrealm as Almex, the prince of winds, to unravel the world's history in time to save it from destruction. Enjoy vaulting through the open world and hanging from its cavernous underbelly as you solve puzzles and combat giant foes! PLEASE NOTE: This product is a large-scale, individually developed project. As such, it is likely to still have a number of technical issues, whether undiscovered or yet to be addressed, which are meant to be handled post-release through patches distributed via free updates. However, the game already includes all of its intended content and can be completed regardless of any such issues. Still it should be noted that this is not intended to be the final build.
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