War in Space

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War in Space is a retro style arcade shooter where you battle waves of unrelenting enemy ships. With each of the more than eighty waves you will be pitted against many different styles of enemies, from shielded fighters to stationary gun towers and watch out for the highly armoured Bard. As you progress you gain credits allowing you to upgrade your ship through the tech tree, increasing defence, attack and special capabilities or even request multiple allied ships. Every ten levels you can choose one of four upgrades, depending on what items you have unlocked in the tech tree and if you happen to die, you will start from that level rather than going back to the very beginning. Get your name on the War in Space leader board and show off your skills with the more than fifteen achievements on offer.GAME FEATURES81 stages of mayhem with more than 10 different enemy ship types. Using credits upgrade your ship with the tech tree with over 50 upgrades available. Every ten levels you get to pick a bonus and get to start from there when you die. More than 15 Achievements to work towards. Show your skills and get your name up on our leader board.
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