YAWS - Yet Another Waveshooter

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YAWS (Yet Another Waveshooter) is a waveshooter in three epochs (fantasy, present, and future). Defend yourself against never ending waves of enemies with increasing difficulty until you die. After death, you will be transported to the next level. Engage in an immersive experience with anit-motionsickness movement to gain the top score. Press (A) to reload. Set graphic settings to "high" for enabling voluminetric lightning. Update v5.0: Enhanced Graphics Added Voluminetric Lightning. Set graphic settings to "high" for enabling it. Fixed dozens of smaller bugs Added reload function. Press (A) to reload. ToDo: save gfx settings in registry save userename in registry fix leafs in lvl 1.2 fix golem in lvl 1.1 muzzle flash Don't play if you have got epilepsy. Please tell me if there is anything to change. [email protected]
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