Deconstruction Lab

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首先感谢各位查看本页面,本页面由一位14岁少年独立制作。此游戏目前还在测试版本,可能会出现未知的bug,将在以后的版本中修复。 此游戏将会在每个周末进行一次更新,希望各位对这个游戏保持耐心并且以乐观的态度面对这个游戏的未来,嘤嘤嘤♂ 此游戏的初始体积可能较大,以后每次大更新都不会更新很多内存,请见谅。游戏介绍: 游戏的初衷是没有目标的,可以分为多种模式进行游戏,在游戏中可以利用武器打击敌人,包括使用拳头,剑,各种枪支(测试中),在不久的将来还有可能加入创意工坊,游戏目前为早期测试阶段,有什么问题和想加入的内容请一定要评论啊!我好修改游戏啊。目前的游戏分为清理模式(在地图中清理所有的敌人),僵尸防守模式(在一个村子中抵御四面八方的僵尸),以及尸潮模式(测试中)。战役模式(测试中),新手教程,以及训练模式。 在游戏中你可以通过控制人物来进行击杀敌人,敌人目前包括僵尸和人类,分别在不同的模式中,在游戏里还可以选择多种武器击杀敌人。 以上仅仅是游戏初期测试中包含的关卡,未来版本或多或少会删减一些,希望各位可以多提意见!游戏目前包含内容:地图: 1.清理模式【在一张沙漠地图中无限刷新剑士和盾士,您需要击杀50名士兵来夺取游戏胜利】 2.僵尸模式【您出生在一个小镇当中,周围会有源源不断的僵尸到来。您需要坚持600秒的时间来取得游戏胜利】 3.训练模式【具有所有武器以及AI,可供选择,没有游戏目标】武器: 1.拳头【包含3种动作】 2.剑【包含4种动作,外加砍头杀】【可以进行格挡】 3.腿【三种不同角度动作,一种砍头杀动作】游戏AI: 1.僵尸【普通AI】 2.士兵【持剑】 3.持盾士兵【剑+盾】 ....背包: 1.玩家可以在游戏中按TAB键打开或关闭背包 2.背包可以收集玩家的装备与食物游戏会随着更新而添加新内容--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------提示:游戏中含有溅血爆血行为,例如武器打击到敌人身上会爆出血浆,游戏中不包含任何性行为! First of all, thank you for viewing this page. This page is produced independently by a 14-year-old boy. This game is currently in beta and there may be unknown bugs that will be fixed in a future release.       This game will be updated every weekend. I hope that you will be patient with this game and face the future of this game with optimism.       The initial size of this game may be large, and you won't update a lot of memory every time you update. Please forgive introduction:       The original intention of the game is that there is no target. It can be divided into multiple modes for playing games. In the game, you can use weapons to attack the enemy, including using fists, swords, various guns (testing), and possibly joining creative workers in the near future. Square, the game is currently in the early testing stage, please feel free to comment on any questions and content you want to join! I am fine to modify the game. The current game is divided into clean mode (cleaning all enemies in the map), zombie defensive mode (defending zombies in all directions in a village), and corpse mode (testing). Campaign mode (testing), novice tutorial, and training mode. In the game you can kill the enemy by controlling the characters. The enemy currently includes zombies and humans. In different modes, you can also choose multiple weapons to kill the enemy in the game. These are just the modes included in the initial test of the game. Future versions will be more or less deleted. I hope you can comment more!NOW 1. Cleanup mode [Infinitely refresh swordsman and shield in a desert map, you need to kill 50 soldiers to win the game] 2. Zombie mode [You are born in a small town, surrounded by a steady stream of zombies. You need to stick to 600 seconds to win the game.] 3. Training mode [with all weapons and AI, available for selection, no game target]arms: 1. Fist [including 3 kinds of actions] 2. Sword [including 4 kinds of movements, plus beheading kills] [can be blocked] 3. Legs [three different angles of action, a beheading action]Game AI: 1. Zombie [Ordinary AI] 2. Soldier [holding sword] 3. Holding a shield soldier [sword + shield] ....Inventory: 1.You can press TAB to open or close 2.This things can help players to collects weapon or foods.The game will add new content as it updates--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tip: The game contains blood-splattering, such as weapons that hit the enemy and will splatter blood. The game does not contain any sexual!
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