Hellsinker. Soundtrack + Music Data Upgrade

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The original soundtrack for Hellsinker.Includes a total of 44 tracks that make up over 2 hours of original music (MP3 and HQ FLAC format) This package will also upgrade in-game data to a superior lossless format!*Soundtrack data will be downloaded into the Hellsinker. installation directory's "Soundtrack" folder.*In-game audio file data will be upgraded automatically when installed.Track listTR_00TR_01TR_02TR_03TR_04TR_05TR_06TR_07TR_08TR_09TR_10TR_11TR_12TR_13TR_14TR_15TR_16TR_17TR_18TR_19TR_20-21TR_22TR_23TR_24TR_25TR_26TR_27TR_28-29TR_30TR_31TR_32TR_33TR_34TR_35TR_36TR_37TR_38TR_39TR_40TR_41TR_42TR_43TR_44TR_45
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