Total Seclusion

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Meet Roy, a shipwrecked survivor down on his luck in the middle of an ocean. Equipped with his skills from the Navy and mysterious chest he found, he has to defend himself from waves of ferocious sharks trying to destroy his raft.Scavenge, build, craft and upgrade weapons but most importantly, defend your raft! Current Features • Defend! - The biggest raft you can for up to 20 waves or crank up the difficulty in challenger mode • Build! - Use wood, stone and metal to build the ultimate raft. Each material has a different effect on the sharks • Day/night cycle and dynamic weather change! - Weather affects the enemy attacks. It is difficult to see them in the fog, they more powerful at night and faster during the rain. • Craft Craft Craft! - From arrows to metal spikes, and other items to defend your raft • Weapons galore! - Inspired weapons from the 1950's such as the Sten gun and the Stielhandgranate • Compete with each other! - The bigger your raft after each wave, the higher your score will be on the leaderboard • Explore! - Explore the sea for money, dont forget your fins! • Upgrades! - Take a chance on spin the wheel for bonus items or use power ups for a quick boost. • Radio! - Listen to radio to hear the vintage classics. • Customise! - Paint your raft in any colour you want.
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