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Description:Handy is a game in which you play as a strong, independent left hand. Utilize your fingers and magical power of flight to complete different tasks: turn off the alarm clock, make a toast, get rid of secret documents, etc.Current features:Take full control over 4 of your fingers. (I mean, come on, who needs thumbs? Look at cats, they don't have thumbs and they are pretty happy) Fly around and interact with different objects. Different ways to complete every level. Physics based gameplay. (May get wacky at times)Early access:Handy is not in its final form just yet. Plenty of content will be added to the game before it leaves early access and you can help make it better by: Reporting bugs that you might encounter, Giving your opinion on the current state of the game and what you would like to see in the future. Telling your friends about it. And the last but not the least: simply playing it.
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