Star Control: Origins - Multiverse DLC

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The Star Control universe is yours to shape and control with the free Multiverse DLC! Adventure Studio are now open to you so that you can add your own star systems, quests, characters, and much more in Star Control: Origins. You can upload and use other mods as well. Engage with infinite new stories and experiences created by you and other players!Let your imagination guide youWant to change the universal gravitational constant to increase the lander's jump? Create an epic quest that spans the galaxy? How about modeling your own planets and star systems? You can make it happen!Use the Ship and Building Crafting screens to add new visuals to your experience. Create crazy and powerful new weapons and aliens for players to encounter. From game balance all the way to writing new stories, there is very little you can't do with the crafting system.Share your creation on Steam!The Multiverse DLC not only allows you to create new content, but also lets you share it with other people. After you've crafted your new quest, adventure, etc., upload it to Steam Workshop to share with the rest of the world. You can also browse Steam Workshop to see what other cool and interesting content other people have created. As the library of Star Control Multiverse content continues to grow, you'll be able to download and experience infinite new stories and experiences. Please check out our modding guide for info on accessing Adventure Studio.Features Play mods you’ve created, view downloaded mods, and browse the Steam Workshop to download or upload more Create your own quests, stories, and adventures with custom characters, dialogue, and more
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