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Polykat is a 3D platformer where you jump and run through procedurally generated floating islands, fight different enemies and collect polykoins!The game starts with you being lost on a planet, having no idea where your spaceship is.To find your spaceship you’ll have to navigate through platforms floating in the air!One single mistake could lead to a leap of faith, so you ought to be careful!CollectPolykoins are scattered all over the universe and your goal is to collect them. They can be found in chests or on obstacles. Using your trustworthy slingshot, you can shoot at different creatures that all carry valuable polykoins with them.Customize & Level UpYou can use your polykoins to buy apparel, new skins and to upgrade your polykat.There are three types of skills you can level up:• Shoot Level, which determines the amount of rocks you can carry with you and how much damage your rocks do.• Speed Level, which determines your walk and sprint speed.• Jump Level, which determines your jump power.The GoalOnce you’ve found your spaceship, you can move on to the next planet where you’ll face the same challenge except a tad more difficult. On your way you’ll face different terrains and difficult bosses with varying mechanics to defend themselves. Once you’ve defeated a boss, its planet acts as a checkpoint, so if you ever lose all of your lives, the game restores to the previous defeated boss.
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