Drone Wars VR

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ISDDS : Drone VR Simulator
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‘Drone Wars VR’ is a sci-fi single-player action game for SteamVR in which you fight off hordes of enemy drones. You are equipped with two plasma balls which you can throw at the enemies to destroy them. If you miss, they will reflect off of the arena walls until recalled back, allowing for cool trickshots. They can also be swapped out for a shield to reflect enemy projectiles. But keep on your toes as they will not last forever and physically avoiding enemy fire might be your last option for survival. The game features multiple levels and enemy types with different behaviour. These levels can be played in one of three distinct game modes with their unique game rules. Achieve your best score and compete with other players on the global leaderboard. Drone Wars VR was created by an academy team of four students in roughly fifty days as part of their internship in an already established game studio.
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