Trove - Eclipse Pack

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Grab your friends and set off for adventure in Trove, the ultimate action MMO!Revel in the wonders of the Sun, Moon, and Shadow all at once with this brand new pack. Brimming with new content, this pack features a whole mountain of mounts (including a pair of lethal skysharks), an alliance of allies, and a whole heap of super styles.Includes: 6 MountsRadiant SkysharkSeat of the SunSerene SkysharkD’awtter of the MoonShadowy CarpetMarauding Mormolok3 AlliesLunar RabbitSolar RibbitShifty Shadowbat18 Styles3 Helmet Styles3 Melee Styles3 Pistol Styles3 Bow Styles3 Staff Styles3 Spear Styles
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