Battleships and Carriers - WW2 Battleship Game

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Move, search, destroy and build ships: Casual turn-based naval strategy. Pixel perfect, 2D retro style, straight forward combat execution and control. Imagine classic Battleship game, then add 50 moveable ship/aircraft/submarine/artillery unit types, huge tactical and strategic maps up to 80x80, unit production and combat tech upgrades, various mission objectives (destroy, conquer, defend, escort) more than 80 non-historic and historic WW2 missions, death-matches and campaigns from Pearl Harbor, Lamansh and Norway to the Overlord and Leyte battles.Navies involved: US Navy, Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Italian Regia Marina and Imperial Japan Navy,Features: - More than 80 Missions, Campaigns, Free Hunt and Death-Match scenarios- 50 ship, aircraft, submarine, coastal artillery unit types- Unit Production: ships and aircraft can be purchased during the missions- Technology Research: player can spend production points on researching new technologies, including armor, fire, speed and radar technology improvements- Various mission objectives: conquer major ports, destroy enemy units, defend friendly ports, secure convoys- All unit names and officer ranks are historic Unit types: (combat ships, submarines, air units, port artillery, radar stations)Capital ship types:Light Aircraft Carrier, Escort Aircraft Carrier, Anti-Sub Aircraft Carrier, Aircraft Carrier, Fast Aircraft carrier, Heavy Aircraft Carrier, Fleet Aircraft Carrier, Light Cruiser, Escort Cruiser, Anti-Sub Cruiser, Cruiser, Heavy Anti-Sub Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Fleet Cruiser, Battle-Cruiser, Battleship, Heavy Battleship, Fleet BattleshipAircraft Unit Types:Fighter, Long Range Fighter, Anti-Sub Naval, Naval, Long Range Naval, Bomber, Heavy Bomber, Strategic BomberSubmarines and light ship unit types:Corvette, Patrol Boat, Torpedo Boat, Frigate, Light Destroyer, Destroyer, Heavy Destroyer, Fleet Destroyer, Light Submarine, Submarine, Heavy Submarine, Fleet SubmarineCoastal artillery and auxiliary unit types:Light Port Artillery, Port Artillery, Heavy Port Artillery, Short-Range Radar, Anti-Sub Radar, Long-Range Radar, Light Auxiliary, Auxiliary ship, Heavy Auxiliary, Light Transporter, Transporter, Heavy Transporter80 Missions, Campaigns, Free Hunt and Death-Match scenarios:Missions:Bismarck, West Pacific, Kamikaze!, Pearl Harbor, HMAS Perth, Lamansh, Iwo Jima, Brisbane Convoy, Fall Of Australia, Prince Of Wales, U- Boats, Atlantic 1943, Mussolini Defense, Target Los Angeles, Conquer Of Italy, Invasion, RAAF, Norway Convoy, Conquer Of Japan, Emperor Hirohito, Normandy, Destroy RAF, Wolf Pack, Tokyo Express, Norway Ports, San Bernardino, Luftwaffe Pacific, Operation Sidney, South Pacific, Sir John Tovey, Bomber Operation, Devil Island, Corvettes, Atlantic 1941, Patrol Boats, Air Supremacy, Alert, Battleships, Java, Defense, Fleet Cruisers, Atlantic Island, Mykonos, Imperial Ocean, Long Convoy, Skagerrak, Sink Cruisers, Hawaii Attack, Clear West Coast, Orange Ports, Pacific Race, Fleet Submarines, Heavy Cruiser, Frigate Hunt, Azores Transport, Gross-admiral, Drang Nach Ost, Convoy PK-30, Task Force 1942, Operation BlackDeath-Matches and Free Hunt scenarios:Royal Air Force, Free Hunt Doenitz, Royal Navy 1, Free Hunt B-29, Luftwaffe Hunt, Free Hunt USN, Imperial Navy, Kriegsmarine, Germans On Pacific, Submarines!, Free Hunt RAAF, Free Hunt Hawaii, Free Hunt Torpedoes, Silent Hunt, Free Hunt Andrews, Free Hunt GB, Free Hunt Convoy, AntiguaCampaigns:US Navy Campaign, Kriegsmarine Campaign, Royal Navy Campaign, Imperial Japan Navy Campaign
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