The Sky Climber

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What is The Sky Climber?The Sky Climber is a fun and small game where you have to run towards the top of the building by wrecking and exploding anything in your way!Avoid falling to the bottom of the construction site!Think, Run, Smash, Explode your way up!FEATURESUse your trusty hammer to blow away certain obstacles.Make a path by triggering explosionsThink quick, choose your path and clear the way before its game over.Enjoy a small original soundtrack.Steam AchievementsSteam Leaderboards.The story of The Sky ClimberOur protagonist, Colosio comes from a long line of shaman ancestry since the pre-hispanic era. His family has been bestowed with the responsibility of protecting the ancient subterranean city Mexica. He works as a construction worker to make sure these archaeological sacred ruins and the power they treasure are protected, but it seems there is trouble lurking from above!
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