Search for Surf

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Learn to surf... then challenge your kook friend to a contest. Two player split screen surfing game. Get the highest wave scores by catching the best waves and doing shwacks off the lip and getting long rides. Or adventure solo to the breaks around the islands. A totally rad surfing video game in 3D with a realistic surfing feel. Bottom turn, stall, cut back, airs, pump for speed, and more. There are surf spots, with different waves at each one. Find them and paddle out. Explore the area, and find new waves. It's an adventure as much as it is a surfing game. Based on adventure and realism. Paddle out and catch waves. The wave and the ability of the surfer will allow you to get speed, make turns, smack the lip, stall into barrels. This is not a typical arcade style "do crazy tricks" surfing video game. It's based on realism, so set waves will come in, and which wave you select determines how good a ride you get. Pick a long fast wave or a mushy closeout. Choose wisely. The wave you choose will determine the quality of your ride. Your positioning on the wave and timing of your turns will determine your maneuvers, and style. Paddle back out through the whitewash to the point to get more waves at your favorite spot. The adventure part comes as you explore the island and find more breaks. Find your way to different breaks, secret spots, lefts, peaks, point breaks, and reefs. It's all there to be discovered.
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