Air Combat MF

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Note that this game is just an arcade game.About gameThis game is a 3D flight shooting arcade game.An arcade game to complete multiple missions.Compared to the previous XF seriesImproved graphics.The own map created after capturing the actual terrain.Not only aircrafts but also ground weapons appears.Enemy AI improvements.(Bombing cities, intercepting players, etc.)Enemy reinforcements appear.Add missions other than "Shoot down all enemies".The number of enemies appearing at the same time decreased.ControlsESC: PauseMouse: Ascending, descending, turningRight mouse click: Change weaponLeft mouse click: Shoot weaponW: Speed upS: Speed downA, D: Move the aircraft to the left and rightXbox controllerAscending, descending, turning: Left stickSpeed up,Speed down,Move the aircraft to the left and right: Right stickChange weapon : BShoot weapon: AAbout the storyAn era when the meaning of stealth fighters disappeared due to the development of radar technology.The war between Willsword and Maxell ended in 2072 with the victory of Willsword.The XF-99 Joint Strike Fighter "Artemis" that showed unbeatable defense in the war was redesigned as a mass-produced MF-100.During the redesign, confidential parts(ultra short range missile defense EMP system) were removed from XF-99.The original XF-99 was stored under strict security.Willsword, now the world's police, deployed the MF-100 to the anti-terrorist squadron: SCARLET.The squadron also aimed to let the people know it was working against terrorists.The war is over, and the legendary pilot who boarded the XF series have disappeared.Where did the legendary ace pilot disappear?NotesThis game is just an arcade game.Fighter planes appear only as imaginary planes of future virtual nations.The story will be explained in text.
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