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Game PlayRalf is a 2D Platformer featuring 19 levels of side scrolling action with collectables hidden throughout every level. Casual players will enjoy the ease of play in this cartoon like game while more advanced gamers will be challenged to get 100% completion and unlock all 25 achievements.StorySomething strange is going on with the normally peaceful Blobbers. It seems they have been poisoned by stale candy and are attacking their friends! Ralf, while looking for his lost ball, unwittingly becomes a hero! Help Ralf rescue his friends, save the sick Blobbers and, of course, find his lost ball!Meet the BlobbersThe Blobbers are a happy race who love to have fun. They enjoy hanging out with friends and playing games like soccer. Their diet consists of candy, cake, energy drinks - anything with sugar!Fruit FightOne thing Blobbers don't like is fruit! You'll use the Berry Blaster to fire blueberries at enemies and toss apples for a more powerful attack. Be on the lookout for strawberries being fired back and oranges being thrown. It seems the Blobbers have found a use for their fruit after all!FeaturesSimple Controls - Player Movement and only 4 button actions - Berry Blaster, Apple Toss, Jump and Special Candy Shop - Use the candies collected in each level to buy cakes and energy drinks to help you along the wayIn Game Stats - Track your progress and see if you can achieve 100% completion25 Steam Achievements - Can you collect them all?
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