Self-knowledge VR

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PurposeSelf-knowledge VR is a virtual reality experiment that aims to promote awareness on the benefits of self-knowledge to our brain. We present a series of tasks based on real-world psychological theories that collect and interpret your data while playing, providing you with insights about yourself that you can further explore.Why self-knowledge?It is known that mental health is culturally understated and while it consists on a social taboo it harms both people with mental illness and healthy people that could improve their wellbeing. Our brain is a dynamic biological organ subject to both healthy and harmful processes, such as fatigue, stress and our overall physical health. There is always a way to pursue a healthier life.Virtual realityVirtual reality is a powerful storytelling tool, and it can be used to immerse people in virtually any context imaginable. We believe that immersive technologies like this will continue to grow and acquire greater relevancy over the years, and it is our responsibility to develop softwares designed to positively impact us. Experiments like this aim to explore how health initiatives, as well as educational and cultural ones could benefit from this.What is Aerolito?Aerolito is a futurism startup based in Brazil that partners with organizations and individuals who want to understand and embrace future technologies. In addition to on-site and online courses about futurism, Aerolito also develop experiments using future technologies, such as virtual reality, internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and many others.FeaturesGet to know yourself better. Self-knowledge VR collects and interprets your gameplay data providing you with insights about yourself that you can explore further. This is done locally and no personal information is required.Explore different scenarios in a beautiful low-poly aesthetic. Visit multiple scenarios inspired by nature’s unique biomes, built with a calm-inducing and very colorful low-poly aesthetic.Multiple gameplay experiences. Enjoy playing several minigames, each with an unique VR gameplay experience.
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