Guardians of Life VR

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About gameDark magic has been awakened ! The horde of undead skeletons rises and coming for last bastion of life:Tree of Life. Dont let them to enter the castle. Use shield to cover from arrows and axes. Become a Guardian and protect last hope of life !GameplayThis is new kind of a tower defence style game in virtual reality. Tree of Life is last element of ethernal power of life. Defend the Tree, kill dark army of skeletons by unique vr weapons ! Crossbow and slingshot now in VR. Beware ! They can shoot you with bow or throw axe in your face !Features- friendly an easy to use GUI- 2 options for movement ingame - high res model of weapons- magic skills- cool effects and animations- many different kinds of enemies- rigged enemies (throw axes and shoot with the bow)- medieval style designed world- many ideas and improvements
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