Escape from Labyrinth

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Escape from Labyrinth is a multiplayer horror game consisting of two modes. The player himself chooses who to be: a victim or a murderer. The victims have to find a way out of the labyrinth and leave before the Killer finds them.The desire to get a relic that had great power was so great that many people went in search of it. According to legend, everyone who managed to get close to this relic, got into strange places, from which there is practically no way out.Main task Play as Murderer - You have to find all the victims who fell into the labyrinth. Each killer has his own unique ability, which will allow you to find the victims. Play as Victim - Each map has two exits. To open one, you will need to activate all the elements associated with the exit. If you are the last victim in the match, a portal will open for you through which you can escape. To navigate in the labyrinth, follow the red lines, they connect the exit with the necessary elements to open it.Features in the game Teamwork - You can work in a team so that the activation of the necessary elements is faster, or act alone. Inventory - In each match, a random set of items will appear in different places. Pick and use these items to survive until the exit opens. Obstacles - Each map has many different obstacles. Use doors, slides, windows, and more to temporarily stun a killer or tear yourself away from it. Destruction - The killer can break many walls and obstacles to catch victims faster. Skills - Each character, whether it is a killer or a victim, has its own unique skills that will give small advantages in the game. Skills are spent after use, in order to open them again, you will need to kill all four victims playing as a killer, or open a secret room and touch the relic while playing as a victim. Bots - You can play as a killer with bots, their actions are identical to real players. You no longer have to wait a long time for the victims to connect to you. The match will begin as soon as all the players present in the lobby are ready.
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