Time Recoil - Original Soundtrack

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This is the Time Recoil Original Soundtrack by Night Stop and Jens Kiilstofte of Machinima Sound. The songs listed below are included in this DLC and were created exclusively for Time Recoil. 1. NightStop - 198X 2. NightStop - And Then She Ran 3. NightStop - Blood Dance 4. NightStop - Opposing Force 5. NightStop - The More YouKill 6. NightStop - Waste of Time 7. Machinimasound - Bioroid Encounter 8. Machinimasound - Deep Reality 9. Machinimasound - Extraction You can also find some additional Machinima Sound songs in the game which you can find on the Machinima Sound website! You can also find more music by NightStop available online! The music is delivered in both uncompressed FLAC and compressed OGG formats. Other formats can be considered later too.
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