RIFT - 12-Month Patron Pass

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Enrich your adventures through the vibrant and vast realms of Telara by becoming a Patron! As a RIFT Patron, you’ll enjoy the fullest game experience in addition to a huge range of exclusive benefits.PATRON BENEFITSFAVOR & PRESTIGE40% boosts to PvP XP and reputation gain. MOUNTED COMMANDTravel faster with +10% Mount Speed, +25% faster mounting, and -5% chance to be dismounted. BONUS TOKENS40% boost to currencies from dungeons, crafting and more! PATRON SUMMONSInstant access to your Banker, Guild Banker, and Trainer. BONUS EXPERIENCE40% XP boost helps you level faster to 60 and beyond…or toggle it off if you’d rather take it slow! EXTRA CURRENCYEarn +15% currency (always on). AFFINITY LOGIN REWARDSGain daily rewards and bonuses just by logging in to RIFT. MARVELOUS LUCKGet rewarded with an increased chance for Marvelous loot from Supply Crates! BONUS LOOTGet a free Supply Crate each week. ARTIFACT TRACKINGReveal artifacts on your minimap for 30 minutes each day! EXTRA DAILY QUESTSGet +10 to your Daily Quest limit! LOYALTYEarn more veteran rewards the longer you subscribe. NOTORIETY40% boost to PvE reputation gain. PRIORITY QUEUEMove to the front of the line when your shard is full. STORE DISCOUNTGet 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store. PATRON FAST PASSTeleport on the go without a Porticulum (no matter where you are!) once every 30 mins. WEEKLY BONUS CHARGES+3 Bonus Reward Charges for Random Dungeons and Warfronts each week. PATRON’S RADIANCELet your inner nature shine with a special cosmetic ability reserved for Patrons! OVERLORDYour Minions love a good Overlord, earning +5% XP on each of their.
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