Let It Flow

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Get ready for the most intense, high-action PvP experience of the decade. A game made by my community, with me as their slave doing what they command.This masterpiece of a game is created LIVE on stream on my Youtube channel (DevAddict). My community decides what I make, and I simply do what they say like a good slave.They make me levels, models, sound effects, special effects, and more. They send their creations to me, and I stitch them all together to create the game of their dreams.Let It Flow will always be 100% free. No other game comes close to the experiences you'll get as you destroy your enemies in more than a dozen maps.Join the LIVE streams and contribute your creations -- or tell me what to do in chat. I'll do it because I am your slave.GAME MODES and FEATURESThere will be plenty of game modes for you to play. These include:Classic Deathmatch: Kill or be killed! First to 20 kills wins!Capture the Top Hat: Wear the tophat as long as possible! The longer you wear it, the more points you get! First to 60 points wins!Team Capture The Underpants: Work as a team to capture the underpants! Return them to your washing machine for glory! First team to 3 captures wins!Team Soccer: Shoot the giant ball of dung into the opposing team's net! First team to score 3 goals wins!Trophy Hunt: It's everyone for themselves in this classic first-to-the-trophy gamemode! You will fail over and over again. First to grab the trophy of crap wins!Battle Royale: Well, a very watered down version at least... Be the last man standing and you win! And then the game restarts. Fun! CURRENT MAP LISTEskimo BrosSewersFail GuysOuthousePortCastle CrappersFail Guys 2: Strike BackThird World ToiletSand TrapBathroom ScrambleSoccerColonFail Guys 3: The RevengeBattle Royale
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