For the Night

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A Cold War story.”There's a job for you. I need you to go to Stockholm. One of our people there have gone missing."For the Night is a spy thriller, taking place during one single night at Hotel Adler in downtown Stockholm. The player takes on the role of veteran STASI agent Lene Ulbricht, who is sent to Stockholm to find out what happened to a fellow agent who has mysteriously disappeared.Through social interaction, deduction and lies, Lene will get to the truth about everything. The truth about the disappearance, the hotel, the war, the enemy and herself.- - - - Espionage thriller story, set in the late days of the Cold War. - Point & Click-gameplay with heavy focus on dialogue, dialogue choices and problem solving. - Gorgeous 2D art. - Choice and Consequence with nuanced and layered impact on the outcome of the story. - Challenging problem solving through taking note of words in dialogue. The game won't solve the case for you. - Focus on finding out information and social interaction. - In-game time that actually has an impact on the story. Spend one hour somewhere, and characters will have acted or moved elsewhere. The game and it's characters do not sit around and wait for you to find them. They act on their own. - Multiple endings and outcomes, allowing for multiple playthroughs, trying out different paths and strategies to solve the mystery. - Original dark, jazzy soundtrack by saxophonist and composer Andreas Ferronato. - - -For the Night is developed by two-man studio Pusselbit Games (Erik Blåsjö and Leo Låby)Music is composed and performed by Andreas Ferronato.
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