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Leaderboard UpdateWe want to thank you all for playing and beeing a lot more active then we anticipated. To honor the players who are into speedrunning we added the steam global leaderboard. Starting with this update, all new speedrun times are uploaded. It tracks only the fastest completion from each user. You will see no difference while playing, there is no visual hint of the upload. We refere to the steam leaderboard system for your highscores (see Community hub > stats)About the GameCubico is a jump’n’roll computer game which takes the player on a journey through a playful world filled with geometrical objects. However, not everything seems to belong into this world. The player can reshape and extrude some of the objects and put them to good use. You’ll experience a journey with various challenges. The game demands skill and logical reasoning in a place with brash colors and shapes straight out of the 80s. The game is accompanied by electronic synth notes, which carry you down memory lane. Suddenly you’ll find yourself in the world of colorful walkmans and friendly macintoshes.
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