Lufulus' Creatures

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Develop your character in a colorful planet, Rethkor, and witness the mighty power of Lufulus.Trade, collect loot, make bets, improve your skills, fight with your friends and, most importantly, clear this beautiful world from the colorful creatures.During the adventure, you will meet new characters and guide the game with your own choices. You need to spend every second of the adventure as successful as possible so that you get a chance against the incredible power of Lufulus!Game Features25+ Quests, 200+ Items, 30+ Creatures&BossesFunctional Bank Upgrading ItemsDifferent Fighting TypesFast Item ComparisonAlways Auto-SavePhysics-Based Fighting MechanicsFighting with AlliesRecruiting WarriorsSteam Cloud is currently available for the game.Compatible with Xbox Controllers
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