Airlock Arena

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UPDATE Sept. 1st, 2020Airlock Arena Release Date Pushed into 2021We'll be needing several more months to finish/polish the game before release. We appreciate all the support and patience of those who wishlisted the game.Why the delay?Our beta-testers gave us lots of excellent feedback, some of which we really feel makes a distinctive difference in the game's flow, fun, and approachability. More content, tweaked mechanics, and some new additions will make what we already felt was an awesome game even better. So again, thank you for your patience. It'll be worth the wait!About the GameBecome the ultimate cargo smugglerWelcome to the thrilling and dangerous occupation of galactic cargo smuggling. In Airlock Arena, you are responsible for purchasing, protecting, transporting, and ultimately delivering precious cargo to the far reaches of space. Avoid the Authorities, look for opportunities, and ultimately make a profit while bringing much needed supplies to colonies cut off by the ravages of galactic civil war. The chance to make a fortune is real, but the odds of dying are even higher. This is no game for the weak. Game FeaturesHighly strategic 2-D action “rogue-like-like” gameplay on spaceships and planets for endless hours of replayability.Simulated vacuum physics! Smugglers quickly learn that air can be their best friend or their worst enemy.Randomly generated destructible/repairable ships. Each playthrough requires different strategies to accommodate different ship layouts.Tons of random event combinations to challenge your skills and decision-making abilities while under pressure.Work together to restart broken ship systems such as engines, blast doors, and artificial gravity generators, when they inevitably fail.Single player and Cooperative contracts all on one screen, so you can play together on the couch or online using Steam Remote Play Together! Die alone, or die alongside your friends in a universe full of unknown terrors.Four unique weapons, all with alternate firing modes - the utility gun, the controllable drone, the energy sabre, and invisibility - to help deal with the dangers of space in whatever way you see fitFinancial decision making. Do you load up your ship with 25 live ant crates in the hopes of an early retirement? Or buy extra lives for a safer mission?Unexpected cargo. Space is full of all kinds of trash and treasures. Sometimes the best cargo is what you find along the way! Take a perilous spacewalk and see if you can't reel some of it in!Biomatter absorbing respawn platforms. Get the lifeless corpse of one of your friends back to a respawn platform, and see them spring back to life, ready to die once more!Increasingly difficult contracts to keep even skilled players on their toes. You’ll be yelling at Airlock Arena for hours to come.Competitive deathmatch and capture the cargo modes to test your mastery of the game mechanics against your friends.A super-secret ending that only the most observant players will find! Don’t tell anyone… it’s a secret!
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