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Have you ever though about what would happen to you, if you would crashland in the jungle? What if, you had to gather your water and food by yourself, in order to survive? In Afloat, you can use virtual reality, and see if you've got what it takes.About AfloatYou have crashlanded in the jungle, and somehow you awake on a raft, with only a grappling gun and a tablet with building blueprints beside you. Using your survival skills, you have try to make your way back to society. Luckily for you, the river that you are following is full of useful resources, that can help you in this endeavour.Fully in VRAfloat is a game that can only be played using VR headset, to achieve maximum immersion. VR can also have some downsides, like motion sickness, and because of this, no teleporting is neccessary in this game. Where the player stands in the room, is identical to where the players stands on the raft.Current featuresGrapple resources - use a grappling gun to get the resources you wantCraft - make tools, and use them to make new resourcesCook - use a campfire to roast your foodBuild - make the raft of your dreamsDynamic weather - enjoy the sun, or float through the rainHostile creatures - protect yourself from bloodthirsty batsDay/night cycle
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