Block Granny Horror Survival

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Granny comes to hurt your wife or child Block granny is a survival game. Try to survive as long as possible on the island by defeating terrible block grannies. You can lose if you run out of life or someone of your family is dead. The family also needs food, so you must collect fruit for them or kill animals, killed animal meat you can bake on the campfire. There are also objects like stone or trees on the island, you can get stones from a stone and from a tree board. You can build weapons with these materials (hatches, clubs, axes) To enable the crafting interface, press the I key. To turn it off again, press I Select item by key (1-6) Press on the item in the table with the left mouse button and select the EAT or DROP options. The E button activates the possibility of eating meat If you press Drop at the fire, then you can smear the meat
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