Girls' civilization

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//*If you don't see tutorial, just remember [T] keyto become fast travel mode.You can recycle item from trader.That gives you resources to produce soldiers.//There is no man in this game.Control player character in TPS modeCommand your army in RTS modeTravel seamless open world and get more companions.45000 Japanese letter all voice acted.Block based building system + editable landscapeCustomization- face morph, body proportion, hair type, hair color can be customized in game. Some clothes support color, pattern image, texture, material customization like velvet and carbon fiber and latex.All companions can be customized.Highheels system - each shoes/ boots item has it's own height and angle for ankle infoTechnology system - From sword and pike to tank and machine gun.Start battles without loading.Enter towns without loading.Get real-time reinforcement from world map while you are in battle.
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