Martha Madison: Simple Machines Volume 2

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Transform your room into a science lab and go bonkers with Martha Madison: Simple Machines Volume 2. Players, as virtual scientists, work alone or collaboratively with a partner to use pulleys, levers and wheel & axles to solve physics puzzles and challenges. Martha Madison, meerkat scientist and student mentor, is on-hand to guide players as they embark on science-filled, problem-solving adventures that bring classroom instruction to life. Martha Madison: Simple Machines Volume 2 is part of a series of games designed from the ground up to enhance middle school-level science curriculum by captivating players and making complex concepts meaningful. All of the games in the Martha Madison series allow players to cooperatively solve real-world challenges that develop critical thinking, problem solving, technology literacy and adaptability.Game Features:Single Player and Couch Co-Op SupportCo-Op Keyboard Support (both players can play on a single keyboard)A level editor to build and play your own Simple Machines-based levels
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