Star Waker

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Star WakerPlay as Ariane Ducenar in her quest to save humanity from eternal slumber in this shoot'em'up.Three kinds of spaceships will be available to you, each with their own gameplay and ambiance. You'll have to constantly adapt to power through the obstacles on your way to wake up mankind. This includes the ability to modify your skills trees anytime !Furthermore, your dexterity will be tested in many ways: not only will you have to fight every enemy blocking your path, but you'll also have to maneuver through planetary defenses!Will you unreal the conspiracies threatening mankind and carry out your mission against all odds? Will you handle the experimental yet powerful ships?ContentThree customizable spaceships with their own skilltrees for various gameplays!Almost 40 levels and numerous galactic-scale bosses!A story that will guide you through the mysteries of the past to ensure the future of humanity!
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