TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline

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WHAT IS TIRELESS?TIRELESS is a Fast-Paced Sci-fi 3D Platformer Game where you get to pilot a training pacer, a specially crafted machine of incredible agility, and make your way through a deadly set of levels to prove your worth of entering the intergalactic championship in space known as the TIRELESS Tournament.Every year somewhere far in the galaxy the championship begins. Thousands of contestants sign up and try their best to win the title of a legendary speedster, but only the one with the greatest skill can win.GAME FEATURESPLATFORMER AT ITS COREA platformer with a focus on platforming. The game doesn't drift from what it is.VISUAL SPECTACLEEach level of the game is crafted and designed to impress. Everything in the game is stylized and aesthetic.EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTERThe game revolves around challenging levels that push the boundaries and uncover one's true skill.IMMERSIVE AUDIODozens of tracks created to immerse and keep things epic.CUSTOMIZATIONThe game features a customization menu that allows players to change the colors of their pacer, you can switch between the 2 pacers, Blur & Haste when inside your lobby.VARIETY OF LEVELSLevels are separated into stages, although levels differ in design, stages aim to have a brand new impact on the look of the game, keeping the visuals fresh at all times. All levels are handcrafted and made intending to challenge the players through progressive difficulty.BEAT YOUR RECORDSThe game will feature a full level selection of completed levels, your passing times will be displayed above them and you can replay them to further improve your ranks.FULL GAMEPAD SUPPORTIf you prefer playing games on a gamepad, worry not, for the game has full controller support.LOCALIZATIONThe game will feature full translation in several languages. Currently Russian and Croatian are fully localized.VOICE ACTINGCurrently, the game features a voice-acted tutorial guide and has several voice lines throughout the game.Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Prepare to challenge yourself with TIRELESS.
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