Play Room 0g

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fps Game With No GravitydescriptionPlay Room 0g is a sandbox FPS game where you can do anything you want. Unlike most fps games there is no gravity; you can move in any direction in 3D space. There are a variety of weapons you can pickup in the game; these include:Rubber Ball Gun: Can launch rubber balls that can push objects or ignite fireworks.Singularity Gun: The singularity gun launches a small energy shot that becomes a black hole, sucking in nearby objects. Firework Gun: Launches a rocket firework that explodes when it hits something. Blaster Gun: Shoots energy blasts that can destroy things. Tractor Beam: Pulls objects towards you. Repulsor Beam: Pushes objects away from you. Machine Gun: Rapidly fires bullets that can quickly destroy other objects or ignite fireworks. Cutting Beam: Laser beam used to destroy objects.Multiplier Gun: When an object is hit by a multiplier shot the object is duplicated. Shotgun: Shoots a powerful blast useful for destroying other objects or enemies. Rocket: Launches a powerful rocket that detonates when it hits an object. Guided Rocket: Launches a guided missile that seeks another player or AI targetControlsBy default Play Room 0g uses standard FPS movement keys; WSADThe left mouse button is the fire button and the right switches weaponsThe controls are configurable; when the Play Room 0g Configuration dialog comes up click on the "Input" tab to configure your controls. You can also add and configure a game controller.MultiplayerPlay with your friends on your local area network. One player must host a game and everyone else can connect as a client!Android VersionPlay Room 0g is also available on the Google Play Store.
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