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You must save the world, whatever the cost...DEFECTIVE - This is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with action elements throughout..The StoryDefective takes place in the year 2068 when the world has beencaptured and controlled by a race of alien robotic creatures.All known life on Earth has been burned and destroyed and theworld has been changed radically, this has forced the remainingpeople to live hidden underground. The richest of those remainingnow live inside space stations, and not all have surrendered to therobotic threat, some continue to fight for what they believe in.This has included an attempt by a detachment of peacekeepers toblow up an interplanetary planet, although this opportunity failedit was not completely pointless as a single defective robot wascollected which could later be reprogrammed. This is where your story begins, after several years to reprogramthis robot so begins the liberation of the Earth from the hands of the alien invaders...Use:Deceleration of timeInventoryJet JumpingAnd finally understand why this all happened!
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